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Laser Hair Removal - Permanent Hair Reduction Mornington to Melbourne


Q: Is laser hair removal permanent?

At Mornington Medi Spa we use a high powered class 4 medical laser (Candela Gentlelase).This laser is approved by the FDA and received the 1st Place ATnT Award for BEST HAIR REMOVAL LASER for skin types I - type III. The 755nm wavelength of the laser is highly specific to the absorption of melanin. Hair absent of melanin (blonde, grey, white and some red hair) will not respond to this treatment.

The laser will target only active hair follicles. The laser works by burning dark hair, creating heat within the hair follicle damaging the cells that enable hair growth. Therefore it cannot be legally claimed to provide PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL due to unpigmented hair and the possibility that some dormant follicles may become active in a later stage of life.

Q: How many treatments are required?
A: On average 4/ 6 treatments are required

It is impossible to pre-determine the exact number of treatments as they vary from person to person. Generally speaking the thicker and darker the hair the better the results from the treatment. It has been our experience that some patients may require top-up treatment in years to come.

Q: How often are treatments required?
A: [1] For facial treatment initially once every 4/6 weeks. (On going maintenance treatments are usually required due to the density of follicles on the face, cases of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, Insulin Resistance and other hormonal imbalances).   It will usually take approximately six treatments to control the hair growth. Patients on a maintenance program usually only require approximately 4 treatments per year.

A: [2] Body treatments once every 8/10 weeks.
Lengthy periods between treatments will not achieve optimum results

Q: Is laser hair removal painful?
A: Some people have found the treatment uncomfortable
Approx. 10% of patients require anaesthetic for their treatments.

  • Compared to drug therapy, results of laser hair removal can been seen
    immediately and without associated side effects
  • The treatment is very fast
    All hairs are treated in each session, as opposed to Electrolysis where each hair is treated individually
  • No down time
  • Elimination of ingrown hairs and shaving rash
  • Most importantly, the dramatic positive effects on self-confidence

Tanned skin
The use of Roaccutane within the last six months
Tattoo's on the area of treatmenttd

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